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Bring Light for Hope During Covid19 Pandemic Around the Globe,

with Greet for Cause Foundation &

Dated 14th July 2020.

Dear All,
This is a joint announcement from world renowned CS-Cart (eCommerce software development company) based in US, California and Greet for Cause Foundation (non-profit) based in Karachi, Pakistan. 

"Since April 2020, CS-Cart has been supporting non-profit organizations worldwide under their Covid19 relief activities.
Under the same 100% relief initiative, CS-Cart and Greet for Cause Foundation have partnered thru provisioning of a fully licensed marketplace solution CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals and companies lost the possibility to sell offline.
In the same way, non-profit organizations suffered more than others i.e. no offline events, no funding etc.

Therefore, an online market-place can become a lifesaver for nonprofits, as well as individuals and small entrepreneurs.

Within CS-Cart's Covid19 support campaign, the "Greet for Cause Foundation" has received their full support on licensing for creating an online marketplace on their platforms, and service support, 100% subsidized!

Greet for Cause Foundation has also been on the fighting front against Covid19 crisis in Pakistan, since last week of March 2020.

We have been supporting all our frontline healthcare and law enforcement workers by providing them with necessary Covid19  WHO guidelines, trainings, and PPEs (personal protective equipments), all 100% donor funded!

Our main goal after the initial steps of PPEs distributions and frontline staff trainings on WHO IPC guidelines, is to somehow revive the micro-economic activities to save many from falling into a poverty trap.    

Therefore, Greet for Cause Foundation would like to thank CS-Cart, for standing with us on the cause of reviving micro-economic activities and businesses of our people in Pakistan."

This Market-Place will be available on a linked domain soon!

We shall announce the availability of its services for general public within the next few weeks, so please stay tuned and keep checking this page!

Thank you.

Teams, CS-Cart, and Greet for Cause Foundation

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